The Wilds: Surprising Twists, Reveals and Ending explained

The Wilds Season 1

The Wilds is an Amazon original series revolving around a group of girls who get stuck on a secluded island. While I have seen many survivals shows and movies over the years, I must admit The Wilds is such a captivating watch. This series has such profound character stories and a lot of suspense.

In this post, I will be answering questions related to The Wilds Season 1 and 2 ending and will be discussing some spoilers from the show.

The Wilds – Is it worth a watch?

The Wilds Season 1

Is The Wilds scary?

The Wilds is a character driven survival drama and is not scary at all. There a very few violent or graphic scenes but majorly it revolves around how this group of teenagers survive on an isolated island.

Is The Wilds kid friendly?

The Wilds is not a kid friendly show. It includes mature themes like suicide, sexual harassment and some nudity. Moreover, there is extreme profanity in the show and a lot of usage of cuss words. Thus, it might not be suitable to watch with a kid.

Are The Wilds for teens?

The plot of The Wilds revolves around a group of girls who fight to survive on an island all alone. Though the protagonist are all high school students, the show majorly appeals to the adults because of its mature themes. 

Is The wilds Sci Fi?

The Wilds is not a sci-fi show. It is a survival-drama show about a group of girls who get stranded on an island. Without giving any spoilers, all I can say is that it does have some twists. These plot twists make The Wilds very different from other survival movies and TV shows out there.

Is The Wilds a girls show?

The Wilds on Amazon prime is not specifically made for girls. Though, the Season 1 is about a group of girls and is girl centric, it can be watched by anyone and everyone. The characters are very relatable, the plot is suspenseful and it is unlike any survival show.

The Wilds Season 1 Ending Explained

The Wilds Season 1

How did Jeanette get injured in The Wilds?

Unlike the other girls Jeanette was the part of the experiment. After the plane crashes, she and the other girls are put into the boats so that they could be transferred on the island. When Jeannette is about to sit in the boat, she sees Leah who lays unconscious on the boat. This triggers her and reminds her of her own sexual assault. At this point, she tries to leave this experiment and starts to walk back. But Gretchen’s employee pulls her back and she hits with the platform and falls in the water.

How did Nora’s boyfriend die in the wilds?

Nora met her boyfriend, Quinn, in a summer school. While they got along very well, her sister Rachel did not like Quinn. Eventually, Nora takes her sister’s advice and breaks up with him. Later on, she tries to reconnect with him but realizes that he died in a fraternity hazing ritual.

What is the social experiment in the wilds?

Gretchen wants to prove that women are better at surviving, managing and leading. Thus, to prove her hypothesis, she selects eight girls and stages a plane crash. After the plane crash, these eight girls are left alone on the island to survive. She supervises everything with the help of hidden cameras on the island.

What was Leah’s accident The Wilds?

After attending a house party, Leah puts her earphones on and starts to dance in the middle of the road. She is sad due to the break up with Jeffery and her vision gets clouded. The next thing we see is she getting hit by a car.

Did Martha get molested in The Wilds?

Martha meets with an accident on a trampoline and she ends up fracturing her legs. To recover, she starts visiting a physiotherapist. Later on, we get to know that she was assaulted by the same physiotherapist.

What happened to Jeanette’s body The Wilds?

The girls bury Jeanette’s body near the beach. Leah remembers that Jeanette’s ringtone was ‘Raise you glass’ by Pink. So, along with the prayers, they sing her the same song. But after few episodes we see that Gretchen’s employee brings her dead body back to Gretchen.

Was the plane crash planned in the wilds?

Yes, the plane crash was planned in The Wilds. It was a part of an experiment where the girls after the plane crash are sent to a secluded island.

What was on the note Shelby gave Leah?

Shelby gave Leah a note which says, “You were right”. In the first season, we see Leah guessing that the situation they are in, could be a set up. To prove her theory right, Leah tries to find clues but no one believes her.

Are Nora and Rachel twins?

Yes, Rachel and Nora are twins. While Rachel is into sports and swimming, Nora is more of a nerd. Due to the hardships Rachel is facing, Nora gives her parents an idea about travelling to a retreat. She thinks it might help Rachel in recovering from her trauma.

What book does Leah read in The Wilds?

In her literature class, Leah is assigned to read ‘The Nature of Her’ by Jeffrey Galanis.

Did the parents know in The Wilds?

No, the parents do not have any idea about Gretchen’s social experiment. They send their daughters to the retreat thinking that the activities which Gretchen has planned will be helpful for them.

Why is Nora working with Gretchen?

Yes, Nora is working with Gretchen. When Nora visits to jail to meet her boyfriend’s killer, she ends up meeting Gretchen. They talk about the demerits of patriarchal society and toxic masculinity. In the end, Gretchen offers Nora a role in the social experiment and Nora accepts it.

How did Season 1 of The Wilds end?

Leah escapes out of her cell and ends up hiding in a surveillance room. In the room, she looks at the monitors and finds that experiment did not happen only with the girls. There is a group of boys out there who are suffering the same fate.

The Wilds Season 2 Ending Explained

The Wilds Season 2

Who is the traitor in the wilds?

The Wilds has a lot of grey characters and some of them end up being traitors. The biggest traitor is Gretchen who is playing with the lives of these teenagers. She lied that the group of girls/boys were going to a retreat. Instead, she uses them as subjects of a social experiment.

What did Ivan do to Kirin?

Due to Ivan, Kirin’s coach got fired from his job. Kirin felt very sad because his coach was like his family. Kirin was already depressed and Ivan added fuel to the fire. Ivan triggered Kirin into saying some homophobic slur. And this incident gets Kirin expelled from school.

What happens to Seth in the wilds?

When Seth was young, his mother and father got separated. He started living with his father and eventually his father got married to another woman. Seth constantly suffered from the lack of love and affection. In turn, he became a polite and friendly boy, who from inside was turning into a psychopath.

Who is Gretchen’s son in the Wilds?

We see that the boy who died on the Day 1 was Gretchen’s son, Devon. As seen in previous season Devon was responsible for the death of Nora’s boyfriend, Quinn. Devon was the organiser of a fraternity hazing ritual which killed Quinn.

Is Nora alive the wilds?

In the beginning of Season 2, Nora tries to save Rachel from a shark. Though Rachels gets saved, Nora gets caught in the waves and presumably dies. In later episodes, we find out that Nora is actually alive and is safe in Gretchen’s facility.

What does Seth do to Josh The Wilds?

When Kirin pull down Seth’s underpants, Seth feels embarrassed and he distances himself from the group. Josh tries to comfort him, but Seth shoos him away. Later, when Josh is sleeping, Seth enters the tent and sexually assaults him.

Why is Shelby bald in The Wilds?

In Season 2, Shelby reveals to Toni that when she was on the beach, she saw a boat. While she could, she doesn’t signal the boat and the boat goes away. Due to this incident, Shelby has a lot of regret and after Martha’s episode, she can’t take it anymore and ends up cutting her hair.

How does Rachel lose her hand in The Wilds?

When Rachel is in the sea, she gets attacked by a shark. Nora tries to save Rachel but still she gets bitten by it. This is how Rachel ends up losing her hands.

What happens at the end of The Wilds season 2?

At the end of The Wilds Season 2, Leah tells Gretchen that she has made a complain to FBI about her experiments. In no time, Gretchen and her employees leave the facility. Soon, Leah and the group realizes that they have been left alone on the island, yet again.

These are all questions I could get. If you want to discuss any theories or have any other questions related to The Wilds Season 1 or 2 feel free to drop a comment or message. I’ll be happy to discuss.