Watching The Final Girls (2015) for the first time – A spoiler free reaction

The Final Girls 2015

This post is about me reacting to The Final Girls. I talk about how I came across the movie in the first place, what did I like/dislike and how its (kinda) similar to Stranger Things.

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy!

Disclaimer: There are no spoilers in this discussion, so be tension free.

So, where I got to know about this movie?

Netflix being Netflix, got me into watching this.

This movie kept on showing up on my recommendations and I eventually added it to my list. And then, Netflix started to show that the last day to watch it is May 4.

It being a movie where people get transported into a slasher movie sounded like an interesting premise, so I gave it a shot.

And honestly, I had so much fun!

The Final Girls 2015

Recently, I may have watched some interesting movies and tv shows, but this one was so refreshing. It has been a couple of days since I watched it and I still love it. So definitely it goes in my favourites list.

The Final Girls starts with a video tape which explains to the viewers how the slashers, per say 80s slashers, work. The narrator in the video describes how teenagers who work as camp counsellors are there just for fun, and they eventually get killed by a masked killer.

The Final Girls 2015

The narrator in the clip says, “Welcome to the camp Blue Flinch. Where romance under the sun can turn deadly.” And it is just hilarious because the next character we see is Tina who enters the camp saying, “The best summer ever.” Also, this scene is shown multiple times and it just makes you crackle every time.

The Final Girls 2015

Mostly, the movie is depended on the situational comedy. Dialogues are good too, but the situations that the protagonists undergo are completely hilarious. Whenever the killer is near, a sound like “hush hush shick shick” plays in the background. The protagonists amusingly look up as if someone is playing it from above.

Also, there is a scene where the group nominates a final girl. Nominate? A final girl? It is insane. Lol.

The Final Girls 2015

The Final Girls is definitely an entertaining experience. Credits needs to be given to the director  Todd Strauss-Schulson and the editor Debbie Berman. Every shot is just so uniquely filmed. Inspiration from Final Destination is visible in the beginning of the movie.

Towards the end, the movie started to the vibes of Stranger Things. If you would have watched stranger things, the frames at points comprise of reddish-purple clouds, use of neon colours and that’s what the Final Girls also has.

The Final Girls 2015

And oh, how can I forget the music. The score is amazing. It transports us to the 80s and give us feelings of nostalgia.

Note: People who will be watching it just for the graphic scenes and gory killings, may get a little upset. Because the movie doesn’t give the gore a priority.

On the surface, the movie is a horror comedy, but by heart it works like a feel-good movie. It is a visual treat to our eyes with perfect nostalgic score and entertaining story line. It perfectly encapsulates the 80s camp slashers.

Did you like The Final Girls? Are you planning to watch it? Let me know in the comments below.

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