17 Nail biting Home Invasion movies 2021 which will make you double check your door lock.

Home Invasion movies

Shhh…did you hear that?

It sounded as if someone was outside. I heard the footsteps.

Am I being a paranoid?

Or maybe I watched a lot of home invasion movies.

Yes, I love watching a nail-biting home invasion movie. And I know you too. So, here is a list of 17 movies I recommend you to watch. They will make your adrenaline rush, your heart beat louder and will keep you at the edge of your seat. To differentiate these movies, I have grouped them into specific categories. Some of the movie lie under more than one category, but I have placed them under the major category.

Scary Masked Killers

The Strangers

Genre Horror 

Runtime – 1h 26m

The writer and director, Bryan Bertino said that The Strangers was inspired by a few real-life incidents. One of which was from his own.

As a kid, when he was home alone. He heard a knock at the door. When he answered the door, there was a stranger asking for an unknown person. After a few days, he realised that the stranger was among the people who were robbing houses in his neighbourhood. Though they didn’t attack, the incident left a deep impression on him.

Game Over

Genre – Psychological; Horror 

Runtime 1h 43m

An Indian Horror whose first act make your blood run cold.

Game over is not only about a killer invading the protagonist’s home. But it also about how she copes with the post-traumatic stress disorder and her suicidal tendencies.

The killer records the murder on a video camera, which make us nauseous.

There is someone inside you house

Genre – Horror 

Runtime – 1h 36m

It is the most recent home invasion movie among this list. A Netflix teen slasher, where students of a high school are being targeted and killed. The killer after killing exposes the deepest secrets of the students.

The killer wears a mask which looks similar to that of the victim’s face. This aspect differentiates it from other masked killers in other movies.

Bittersweet endings

Welcome home

Genre – Drama

Runtime 1h 26m

Bryan and Cassie are having issues in their relationship. To make things better, they travel to Italy and plan to stay in a big beautiful house. Soon, they turn against each other when a neighbour enters in their lives.

The movie revolves around themes of stalking, jealousy and vulnerability in a relationship. The climax is more interesting and action packed than the majority of the movie. The end leaves us in content until a revelation pops up.

Wolves at the door

Genre – Horror, Thriller

Runtime – 1h 13m

Loosely based on true events, it is a story about the Manson Family murders. The Manson Family consisted majorly of girls in their late teens and early 20’s who used to commit brutal crimes. Some of their victims were famous celebrities. Wolves at the Door is about the cult invading the home of American actor Sharon Tate.

This movie touches upon some of our deepest fears that – we may not be safe at our homes.

Animales Humanos

Genre – Horror 

Runtime – 1h 28m

Uff! The time when I anticipated that everything will be fine, the movie takes a U turn.

Animales Humanos has themes around animal rights. So, in a scene when a character describes the processes in a slaughter house. It makes you want to shut your ears.

Will leave you breathless

Panic Room

Genre – Thriller 

Runtime – 1h 52m

A mother and daughter shift in a new house in the New York City. The previous owner of the house made a panic room so that the residents can take shelter in the room, if an intruders threatens them. And surely intruders arrive.

I still remember a scene, when for a second the mother goes out of the panic room to retrieve some items. That was the scene when my heart skipped a beat.


Genre – Horror

Runtime – 2h 1 min

Us comes from the Oscar winning director writer, Jordan Peele. His directorial debut Get Out became a landmark for the horror genre and it won Oscars for the best screenplay along with nominations for the best director and best actor.

Premise is, Adelaide and her family are going for a vacation. When she was young, she visited the same place with her parents. But some incident left her traumatised. Apprehensively, this time she goes with her husband and children only to get threatened by their doppelgangers.

The movie is intense and gory.

Fear Street (1978)

Genre – Horror

Runtime – 1h 50 min

Fear Street (1978) is not particularly a home invasion, but I may call it as a camp invasion movie. It is  about a summer camp where children are being targeted by a killer.

It is the second part of the Fear Street trilogy. So, you may have to watch the first one. But personally, I loved this part more than the others because it has tension, good characters and killer slasher scenes.

Not a Home Invasion movie (But it is)


Genre – Drama; Thriller

Runtime – 2h 12 min

Parasite is the first South Korean movie to win an Oscar. Moreover, it is the first non-English movie to win a best picture award.

The name itself will hint you as to why it is a home invasion movie. More than that, it’s a visually appealing with beautifully choreographed scenes.


Genre – Thriller

Runtime 2h 3 min

When a couple lose their baby, they adopt a nine-year-old girl. The adopted girl not only makes the lives of the other family members worse, but it seems she also has some ulterior motives.

I feel that the 1992 movie, The hand that rocks the cradle, has similar vibes to that of Orphan. If you like that, you may enjoy the Orphan where the protagonist terrorizes the whole family.

The Gift

Genre – Psychological; Thriller

Runtime – 1h 48 min

A couple, Simon and Robyn, relocate to Los Angles after Simon takes up a new job. They accidently come across Simon’s high school classmate. The couple become tensed, when they start getting unannounced visits and mysterious gifts from Simon’s old acquaintance.

The movie does a commentary on toxic masculinity and bullying.


Genre – Horror; Thriller

Runtime – 1h 30 min

Don’t watch The Woman in the Window, watch this instead!

Intruders also has an agoraphobic protagonist who is visited by three thieves. However, what the thieves don’t realise is that it is unsafe for them to stay at the protagonist’s home any longer.

Cinema Slash’s Top picks

Don’t breathe

Genre – Horror; Thriller

Runtime – 1h 28 min

It is a story about three thieves entering an old man’s house. As the house is located in a ghost town, where no one lives. It gives the thieves a great chance to rob the old blind man. Its too late after they realise that the old man owns a gun.

Perfect characters, perfect blend of jump scares and tensed scenarios, and perfect movie overall.


Genre – Horror

Runtime – 1h 27 min

An author of thriller novels, Maddie, lives in a secluded house in woods. She cants hear or speak and is often visited by her neighbour. Soon, a killer enters her house threatening her life.

Literally, the movie keeps you at the edge of your seat for the whole time.

Strangers: Prey at Night

Genre – Horror

Runtime – 1h 27 min

I’m in the minority who likes this…no…. loves this movie. It’s a sequel which was released 10 years after the first instalment ,‘The Strangers’.

The three masked killers again appear who are running after a family of four. The setting is sinister with chilly nights and blinding fog. But also has neon coloured sequences which make it much better the previous instalment.

You’re Next

Genre – Horror

Runtime 1h 35 min

You’re Next was released a decade ago, but still remain one of the best home invasion movies.

The story is, a family gets together after a long time for a dinner at the parents’ home. Soon, a quarrel emerges among the family members. That not being enough, they are now invaded by masked killers.

This concludes this home invasion list. Hope you find something new here.

But, hey. Do comment your favorite home invasion movie so that I could add to my watchlist.

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