Intruders 2016 Review: Interesting plot but underwhelming end.

Intruders 2016 Movie Review


Genre : Thriller; Horror

Director : Adam Schindler

Platform : Amazon Prime

Intruders 2016 is about Anna who is agoraphobic. One day, three thieves break into her house intending to steal money. Due to her disorder, she isn’t able to run away and remains hidden inside the house. Soon the thieves catch Anna. As we progress, we find that the house has some unpleasant surprises stored in for the thieves.

Anna in Intruders

While we feel emotionally connected to Anna, due to some events shown in the beginning. Her agoraphobic condition takes the back stage during the whole movie. Even when we get to see some sequences depicting her disorder, it looks mere dialogues and acting, and not real.

The house in Intruders

Don’t Breathe (2016) also happens to have a similar plot, in which the thieves enter an old man’s house. In Don’t Breathe, the thieves had certain backstory and chemistry. The thieves in Intruders are just the opposite. These three thieves are absolute strangers. We are not told their purpose behind stealing the money or anything about their lives. They are overconfident, aggressive and not vigilant. In one particular scene, the thieves park their car in front of the house. This not only tells us that they are foolish, but also that, they lack common sense.

An aggressive antagonist is a cherry on the cake for a horror-thriller home invasion movie. But here, no matter how much the thieves shout, kick or threaten, they don’t do any good in creating a tense environment.

Thieves in Intruders

Despite these weaknesses, the story keeps us intrigued. All thanks to the mysterious house. The house is dark and messy which proves to be a great setting.

Another thing that was interesting were the horror scenes. The shocking gory segments happen when you anticipate it the least. Its unsettling. Be assured there are ample of such scenes which will make you uncomfortable.

Thieves in Intruders

The revenge in Intruders takes place in a systematic manner, which, in a way is exhilarating. Amidst the action, the house throws many peculiar elements at us. Moreover, some unexpected characters and plotlines turn-up.

The story doesn’t provide us with promising characters or an action-packed finale. The end is underwhelming because some of the subplots end oddly and remain unexplained. But overall, the movie is entertaining and fun to watch. The horror-thriller fans will not be disappointed.

Below is the trailer of the movie. If you are planning to watch the movie, I would recommend not to watch the trailer because it does spoil some mysterious aspects of the plot.

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