The Wilds Season 1 Review: Powerful characters makes it worth watching.

The Wilds Season 1

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre : Drama

Director : Multiple

Platform : Amazon Prime

I have watched a few of these survival movies where individuals are stranded in an isolated place. They fight for survival and set rules for an efficient functioning of this newly formed society. In 2020, I watched The Society which focused on the formation of governance in a society consisting of high school students. The Society turned out to be underwhelming. I wasn’t satisfied as there less emphasis on the mystery behind the disappearance of the adults in the town. Thus, I set my expectations low for this one. But, The Wilds, was shockingly impressive and different.

The Wilds Season 1


Due to a plane crash, nine teenage girls find themselves stranded on an island. While waiting for the rescue team, they start managing their inventory of food and water. Subsequently, the girls contemplate about their relationships, ambitions and identities.

Lord of Flies is always considered for comparison when we talk about such survival plotlines. However, The Wilds has much more stored in other than the survival aspect. This becomes obvious when the first episode ends with a twist.

The Wilds Season 1


The writers of this show have done an amazing job in creating these characters. Not one or two but they have developed nine completely different characters with emotional yet beautiful backstories. We even get to experience cultures which aren’t as significantly portrayed on the TV.  

Though there is a mystery element revolving around the island. The characters play significant role in making the screenplay suspenseful. Also, the directors trick us into judging these girls. One of the characters, Dorothy, sees Shelby (another character) as a popular girl hanging out with ‘cool’ people. Later on, Shelby’s story turns out to be poles apart.

The Wilds Season 1

Dialogues and Script

Never have I ever gotten tensed, cried and laughed at the same time. The Wilds made it possible. The script puts us at edge of our seat with constant indulgence of hilarious dialogues. When a character speaks, comments, shouts or cries, the words seem perfect and apt for that particular character. These dialogues add another level of credibility and connection with these girls.


The Wilds has a lot of flashbacks, interviews and multiple subplots. It would have been a tough watch if these plotlines weren’t edited into a single episode effectively. But the editing here is just fantastic. We effortlessly move from the present interviews to the flashbacks to the dramatic events taking place on the island.

The Wilds Season 1

Should you watch it?

This is a survival story with a twist. If you are looking for a character driven plot full of emotions, this is for you. Let me remind you it is not a thriller and more of a Drama. But I don’t think the genre will affect your viewing experience because it is still suspenseful and captivating.

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