The Mist Netflix Review: Intriguing and Captivating

The Mist Netflix

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre : Horror

Director : Frank Darabont

Platform : Netflix

After a novella by Stephen King and a movie adaptation, was there a need to make a TV show? The Mist 2017 has received some mixed reviews, here is my analysis of the same:


The plot revolves around the residents of a small town, Bridgeville. They are engrossed in their lives, their troubles and ambitions. All of a sudden the town is captured by the mist. Nobody knows where it came from, but all they know is it is deadly. We follow many characters who are stuck at the Mall, Church and several other places in the town. They must save themselves from the mist, and evidently from other humans. The premise is intriguing and when I came across this show, I immediately dived into it.

The Mist Netflix

First Episode

This episode is a rollercoaster ride. We are introduced to several characters and get to see the different equations they have with each other. The mist comes, bringing with it many questions, horror and a lot of action. It effectively build up the base for the story and is one of the best episodes of the entire show.

The Mist Netflix


After the first episode, the screenplay becomes a little slow paced. But it keeps the suspense and mystery around the mist intact. Every now and then, incidents occur which further makes us curious about the mist. The middle part of show is full of scenarios where Kevin encounters terrible people who want to kill him. He always tends to save himself which felt a bit far-fetched. Moreover, the flashbacks of Kevin with his wife are clumsily put into the story. As the show comes to an end, the screenplay paces up, making us feel stressed and concerned for the lives of our favourite characters.


If you are hoping to see shocking and jump scare scenes, let me clear it has just a handful of them. However, the show uses other elements to build discomfort. We witness focused shots of insects and dead bodies. There are scenes where we see people dying in the thick blinding mist. In such a tensing scenario, people with evil intentions also surface up and turn against other humans. It is equally terrifying to watch their gruesome endeavours. Overall, the whole premise is so unsettling that it will be ingrained in your mind for a longer duration.

The Mist Netflix


Though not every character in this show is likable, I felt connected to each one of their stories. They are quirky, peculiar and flawed. Even the side characters are interesting and not just used as pawns. Also, it is a delight to watch when the characters develop certain equations with people they may not trust. On the other hand, I did found some inconsistencies in few of the characters, but the plot is so interesting that it can be overlooked.

The Mist Netflix

The End

The end was power-packed and thrilling. Though I must admit, it was horrifying and definitely not a happy one. I was disappointed about the fact that the creators didn’t explained the origin of mist, maybe they left it for the next season. Sadly, the next season has been cancelled, which is even more distressing.

It is said that the end of the movie adaptation, The Mist(2007), is one of the harshest and most disturbing endings ever. It makes me happy because the show ended on a better note than the movie.

The Society v/s The Mist

As the mist arrives in the town, it becomes devoid of any law and the food supplies are in limited quantity. Thus, the people at the Mall make rules and eventually create a democratic system of managing and governing the people. The exact scenario happens in Netflix’s ‘The Society’ where there are only teens left in the village after a particular incident. ‘The Society’ also tries to create a mystery and suspense about how the adults and children in their town vanished without a trace.

I feel that ‘The Mist’ is successful in encapsulating the horror, mystery, suspense with the character’s story and how they react to the newly formed society inside the mall. In all the episodes of ‘The Mist’ the suspense about the mist is to the point. Whereas, in ‘The Society’ the screenplay mostly focused on the how the teenagers developed a governing system and completely left the underlying mystery of the town.

In conclusion, the show was a fun rollercoaster ride. It is binge-worthy. I admit it had some problems and wasn’t a perfect show. But it was an enthralling experience where we genuinely form emotional bond with the characters. Stephen King’s novella also had an ambiguous ending, so if you are able to let go of the incomplete ending of the show, I highly recommend it.

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