6 movies like Run 2020 you should not miss out on!

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If you liked Run for its slow-paced yet captivating plot, the secluded eerie atmosphere and a peculiar mother-daughter relationship. Then, you might like the following six movies.

Out of the six, three of them are thrillers and I highly recommend them. The other three are movies from different genres including drama, romance and comedy. All of the movies in the list have certain elements and tropes which are similar to that of Run.

Have you watched Run yet? If not, head to my review where I discuss about the movie in detail. Also, the recommendation list is spoiler free, so don’t worry about getting spoiled.

1) Searching

Searching is a 2018 mystery thriller which is a recipient of numerous awards. The story revolves around David Kim who files a missing report for his 16 year old daughter, Margot. The detectives aren’t able to find any leads, so David decides to take matter in his hands. He plans to search for clues at a place which nobody other than him has access to, which is his daughter’s laptop.

Genre: Mystery; Thriller

What is similar to Run?

Both the movies have been made by Avneesh Chaganty(director and co-writter) and  Sev Ohanian(co-writter). In Searching, we again meet a single parent who tries to solve the mystery behind his daughters disappearance. Just as Chole (in Run) discovers secrets about her mother, David(in Searching) finds evidences that could lead him to her daughter. I found Searching better because of its fascinating direction and its jaw-dropping climax.

2) Disturbia

This movie is about a teenager, Kale, who is sentenced to house arrest. At first he is amused by his new found freedom to play video games and watch television whenever he wishes to. But boredom strikes when his mother cuts the internet. He eventually starts noticing people in his neighbourhood and suspects his neighbour of being a serial killer.

Genre: Mystery; Thriller

What is similar to Run?

Both the movies indicate how less we know about people living near us. Like Chole in Run, Kale is also trapped in the house and at no cost can leave its premises. The whole movie takes place in Kale’s house and his neighbourhood. He is certain that his neighbour is involved in some shady business but isn’t able to prove it to his mother or police. Disturbia is more action-packed and gory, which makes the watching experience even more exciting.

3) Hush

Maddie is a thriller book writer and she can’t hear or speak from the age of 13. She is living with her cat in an isolated home and working on her next book. One evening, a masked killer appears at her doorstep and threatens her life.

Genre: Horror; Thriller

What is similar to Run?

Hush also revolves around a person’s disability and how despite her disability she fights with the killer. Also the place where she is staying is secluded, which means she can’t call for help, just like Chole.

4) Everything, Everything

It is based on Nicola Yoon’s 2015 novel of the same name. The protagonist, Maddy, a teenager is suffering from a severe immunodeficiency disorder. This disorder makes her prone to diseases and infections. Thus, she is forced to remain indoors. But to her mother’s dismay, she befriends Olly and starts chatting with him. Subsequently, the urgency to venture out of her home increases.

Genre: Romance; Drama

What is similar to Run?

Similar to Chole, Mandy’s medical condition makes her isolated from the world. While Chole doesn’t interact with anybody, Mandy has friends online and has access to a mobile. We also get to see the rigmarole which Mandy’s mother and the helper has to follow in order to enter the house. Everything, Everything is also a slow burn movie with a shocking end.

5) Where’d you go Bernadette

It is based on a 2012 novel of the same name written by Maria Semple. Bernadette Fox is a former architect who is suffering from mental health problems. Her daughter, Bee asks her parents to take her for a trip to Antarctic as a reward for scoring good grades. Bernadette is reluctant to go, but she agrees. After a turn of events, she runs away from home. Soon Bee and her father go on a journey to find her.

Genre: Comedy; Drama

What is similar to Run?

It just the lovely mother-daughter relationship shown in the movie that reminds me of Run. The screenplay isn’t as suspenseful as the plot suggests. But it is a fun watch.

6) The Fundamentals of Caring

This movie also an adaptation of a 2012 novel. It has an amazing star cast consisting of Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez. We see Paul Rudd as Ben, who is a newly registered caregiver. He is appointed to take care of Trevor who is diagnosed with a disorder which puts him on a wheelchair. Trevor has a sardonic nature which makes it hard for Ben to manage. Then, Ben comes up with an idea for a road trip to see the world’s deepest pit.

Genre: Comedy; Drama

What is similar to Run?

Like Chole, Trevor is also on a wheelchair. He hasn’t really travelled much outside, so Ben takes him on a road trip to witness the world’s deepest pit. Moreover, Trevor doesn’t have a good relationship with his father who left him when he was three years old. So, we also get the father and son relationship in the movie.

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