5 Actually Terrifying Sea Monsters movies you should not skip

Sea Monsters Movies

More that 80% of the ocean remains undiscovered and unseen as per National Geographic.

The sheer silence in a definite rectangle pool makes us uneasy, so imagine what will it be like to dive in an ocean with uncertainty everywhere.

These unexplored seas also make it possible that there is something someone unknown lurking in its depts. We as human do take the risk to go inside the sea, but we may not anticipate the dangers of the Deep Blue Sea.

This whole thought is unnerving.

But you know what is more unnerving? The following sea monster movies. If you want to make your fear of water even worse, I recommend you to watch these nerve-wracking underwater movies with sea monsters.

1) The Shallows

Don’t have a wrong idea that a sea survival movie can take place only in the middle of sea. It can take place near the shallow waters.

The Shallows takes 200 yards near the shore of the sea. It is about Nancy, played by Blake Lively, who after her mother’s death visits a secluded beach. While surfing she gets attacked by a shark and gets stranded on a rock.

This 87-minute thriller will keep you engrossed for the whole time and make scream on top of your voice.

2) Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea is about a group of researchers who are carrying out their research in an underwater lab. By modifying shark brain, they plan to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. But eventually becomes trapped in this underwater lab when the genetically modified sharks start to attack them.

 I still remember the first time I watched this film at a very young age. And I couldn’t be more terrified of sharks.

3) Underwater

This movie takes place in the deepest place in the ocean Marina Trench. Nora, played by Kristen Stewart, works underwater in Marina Trench. She with her team gets threatened by an unknown creature lurking.

As per Robert Ebert website, “It’s a lean and mean film that gets you into its action instantly and then doesn’t release the pressure until the ending credits.”

4) Sweetheart

It is an underrated gem whose name many people have not heard, let alone watching it.

Sweetheart is a story about Jennifer who gets trapped in an island. As she fights to survive for basic necessities like food and water in this wilderness. She soon realizes living on the island may not be safe for her anymore.

5) 47 Meters Down

A sea monster survival movie with a plot twist. Am I joking? No.

47 Meter Down is about two sisters who are on a vacation. One of the sisters is outgoing and adventures who takes her paranoid sister into a diving cage to see sharks. Accidently, the cable loosens up and the cage falls to the bottom of the sea. With their oxygen level depleting, the sisters must find a way out of the cage and swim up to the surface.

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