Best Recent Slasher Movies: Flooded with blood and bodies

Best Slasher Movies

“I stuck a blender on his head”

Woops. Too graphic.

I did not make this up. Really, it is from a movie.

Any Guesses by the way? (Hint: It is listed below)

Anyways, so coming to slashers. Slasher is a sub-genre of horror which involves blood, gore and vomit-inducing killing sequences. If you too are a slasher fan, you know how thrilling it is to watch a slasher. When you at the top of your voice advice the character to run or when the killer unexpectedly kills your favourite character.

The movies that defined this genre are Halloween, Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre among others. But today, I want to bring your attention to some of the most recent slashers released. These movies are equally anxiety inducing, filled with struggle and flooded with blood and bodies.

WARNING: Don’t have a meal before watching these!

Yes, so don’t complain that I didn’t remind you 😉

Okay, so let’s begin.


Best Slasher Movies

Runtime – 1h 38m

It is highly underrated.

Alone is a story of Jessica who is moving out of her home town. She is taking a road trip to her destination all by herself. On the way, a few incidents occur making her paranoid of a man who keeps on showing up at every location she goes. But, looks like this man is not willing to let go of her.

This stalkerish slasher will be worth your time.

The Perfection

Best Slasher Movies

Runtime 1h 30m

The Perfection is a twisted and highly disturbing journey of the people who are striving for perfection. It is a Lesbian horror-thriller about two celloist. One whose career is sky rocketing and the other who all these years was looking out for her ill mother.

It’s a movie you can’t take about much, only you can experience it. Because at every part there is twist.

Don’t Breathe

Best Slasher Movies

Runtime – 1h 28m

This movie involves three thieves who plan to rob a blind man. The only thing they don’t anticipate is that the old and his house could be one of the most dangerous places they are entering.

Don’t breathe has tons of jump scares which will make you say WTF. I remember, even on my fourth watch (yes, that’s how much I love this movie), I just jumped off my seat in a particular scene.

You’re Next

Best Slasher Movies

Runtime 1h 35m

You cannot skip this one. No, you cannot.

By this point there are ample of masked killer movies made from iconic one like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw massacre and Scream to other like The Strangers. Even if you’ve watched all of them, this one hit differently.

A get-together is interrupted by a killer who is wearing animal makes. The first kill happens when there is a fight going on at the family dinner. It this chaos, an arrow is shot into the skull of a member. Still not recovered with the fight, the family looks at the person shot. And after that there is not turning back.


Best Slasher Movies

Runtime – 2h 1m

Us is the second movie coming from the Oscar winner Jordan Peele. His movies hints at the black oppression with a witty humour and bold themes. Us, is no stranger.

It is about a family of four going for a vacation. While things are going great, the father spots four people standing in the driveway. Terrified and curious, he shoes them away. Not, but these people don’t move a single bit. Soon, the family realises that they are none other than their own doppelgangers intending to kill them.

If you feel you have not watched something thrilling from days, pick this up. It is wildly crazy.

Ready or Not

Best Slasher Movies

Runtime – 1h 35m

This horror comedy is hilarious yet deadly.

A newly married bride is asked by to play a traditional family game at the night of their wedding. What harm could it do? But tables turn, when all the family members start to chase the bride and try to kill her with axes, arrows, swords and what not.

Samara Waerning is absolutely fantastic in this. She torn around the feeling of treating her family nicely but also to defend herself. Subsequently forming a very sarcastic approach in her personality.

The Strangers: Prey at Night

Best Slasher Movies

Runtime – 1h 25m

Prey at Night is a sequel to the one of the most talked about home invasion slasher, The Strangers. And here I am about to give a controversial opinion.

The Sequel, Prey at Night is much better than its original. And you can entirely skip the first part because the storylines are not connected.

Prey at Night is a highly atmospheric gut-wrenching slasher. What you’d do if a stranger repeatedly knocks the door of your secluded camp house? Well, this is what happens with this family of four who are going to drop their daughter to college. Their one night stay at this eerie place turns into nightmare.

There are slashers where within seconds the killing gets over. But no, the killers in this movie take their time. They hunt each family members like a tiger hunting for his prey.

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