12 Dark Movies which will make you terribly uncomfortable!

Fear Street 1666 Review

Ready to watch an unsettling movie which will impact you for a long period of time? If yes, this post is for you. 

A ‘dark’ genre for me is something which makes you uneasy, uncomfortable and gloomy. It has elements including themes, twists or even the whole plot which might be sinister and disturbing. In other words, it’s a heavy watch and not be watched if you are planning on watching a soft fluffy exhilarating and inspiring movie.

I have curated a list of 12 darkest movies I have seen. The list goes from the least to the darkest movies I have ever seen. So, let’s start, shall we?

1) Okja

The movie questions the idea of consumption of meat at the cost of lives of the innocent animals. Bong Joon Ho, who also directed Oscar winning ‘Parasite’, delivers this message in the most tragic way. The movie also has themes of animal abuse, so just be careful before watching it.

2) Fear Street 1666

This is the third movie in the Fear Street trilogy. It takes the film series into a sinister and disturbing turn. I remember I watched this movie after having my lunch and soon I realised it wasn’t a good idea. A particular scene in the first half almost made me vomit.

3) Forgotten

Forgotten 2017

This psychological thriller is a wild ride with multiple twists. But it also delves into how a particular incident can ruin a person’s life, subsequently destroying others. Forgotten makes our heart heavy and sorrowful.

4) The Mist (2007)

It is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name where a town is covered with a mysterious mist, killing people. The end of this movie is stated as one of the darkest film endings ever! I did watch The Mist series (2017), again based on same book. It was also intense and dark.

5) Se7en (1995)

It is quite a hyped detective mystery movie. Truthfully, I don’t understand its hype. However, what I still remember are the horrendous murders that take place in this movie. The seven murders that take place are disturbing and the end leaves you in utter distress.

6) You’re Next

This slasher movie is easily able to differentiate itself from the others. It has blood, gore and violent killings. One of the killing scenes in this movie was just terribly disturbing. The end of the movie was more like ‘Oh No’ rather than ‘Oh Yes’. It ends with a complicated situation making our heart sink.

7) The Lie

Featuring Joey King, The Lie takes you on a journey filled with anxiety. We are put into the shoes of parents who will do anything to save their child who is accused of murdering her friend. The plot takes place in a cold and cloudy place which adds to the dark theme. Lastly, the end will leave you speechless with stress and anxiety.

8) 13B

Dark Movies

Manohar and his family move to a new apartment on the thirteenth floor. Soon, the tragic events happening with the fictional family in television starts to repeat with the members of 13B. It is similar to that of Final destination. But the movie has strange vibes which made me terrified when I watched it as a kid.

9) The Perfection

Its better if you go into the movie without knowing anything. The plot is twisted, unpredictable and dark. At a point the situation turned so worse that my head started to ache. If you haven’t watched this movie yet and you are a thriller fan, you must watch it asap!

10) Talaash

A police inspector and his wife are dealing with the death of their son. To distract himself, the police officer takes up a case of solving a murder of a sex worker. The movie touches upon themes like suffering, loss and guilt. The twist in the end is unpredictable yet sorrowful.

11) The Ring (2002)

No matter how many times I watch this movie, it makes me uneasy. The plot of people dying within seven days after watching a tape is horrific in itself. Moreover, a ghost coming out of a TV makes the situation even worse.

12) The Platform

The last in the list and the darkest is this Spanish horror movie. It showcases what starvation makes a person do. We see a lot of violence, gore and themes of cannibalism and death. At many websites this movie is stated as thriller. But trust me, it is a dark horror movie which will be ingrained in your mind for days.

As the list comes to an end, let me know in the comment section the darkest movies that you have seen. I would love to know your thoughts!

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