Animales Humanos 2020 Review: Amazing themes but doesn’t fit coherently.

Animal Humanos

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Genre : Horror

Director : Lex Ortega

Platform : Amazon Prime

Animales Humanos is about a couple whose daughter is terrified of a dog living next door. One day the dog bites the girl. This leads to a clash between the two families. What follows is revenge, revenge and revenge.

Frankly speaking, I never heard about this film and it just came in my Amazon Prime recommendations. The trailer looked terrific and dark. I thought it was right up my alley. But, now after watching the film I have mixed feelings.

The beginning of the movie was very strong. It had a very sinister vibes with cloudy weather, grey houses and contrasting green plants. The idea of dog chasing a child or biting her, was too disturbing. It was well put up with the help of a shaky camera.

Animal Humanos

But after the dog bites the girl, the screenplay following the incident loses its grip. We get hints of foul play but nothing is scary or suspenseful. I must admit some of killing scenes seriously cause discomfort. However, the main reason the movie wasn’t able to build the tension, is the underdeveloped characters. I wish there was more story involved for the surviving family.

Also, the movie had too many themes on its plate. Initially it focuses the topic of animal rights, which by the way was remarkably executed. In one scene the neighbour describes what procedures the pigs undergo in slaughterhouse. He makes us hear the harsh reality. Other theme was how obsessed the neighbours were with their dog, as if it was their human child. These themes kept appearing and disappearing, lacking coherence.

When we talk about ‘You’re Next’ or ‘Ready or Not’. These movies had slasher scenes which were intense. Animales Humanos can be considered a milder version of the above movies. Its perfect for someone who wish to watch a horror movie and not a slasher.

I must say the little twist in the end is pretty dark. Also, as this slasher had a child. I don’t know how in reality or in the movie she would cope with the aftermath. Especially in the movie, her life would become highly traumatized. But I leave it to your discretion to know the fate of the family and the girl.

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