Young Royals Review: An intense yet light-hearted royal queer love story.

Young Royals Review


Genre : Drama

Director : Lisa Ambjörn; Lars Beckung; Camilla Holter

Platform : Netflix

Young Royals Review


Prince Wilhelm is going to a prestigious boarding school in Hillerska. His parents think that Wilhelm will be safer at the school and mainly away from any controversies. Soon, he fits himself into this school but things take a turn when he starts developing feelings for a boy.

The Boarding School

The elite boarding school provides a fresh perspective on high school. Boarding schools aren’t prevalent in Television or Movies. Moreover, the school assists in bringing originality and uncommon elements to the plot. For instance, we get to see boarding house dinners and parents teacher meetings.

Young Royals Review


Queer representation is just one aspect. The series has characters from African, Asian, Hispanic origin which makes the show more relevant. Also, there is one character who has ADHD and Asperger.


Young Royals immerses us into the life of this Prince who want to live a normal life. He doesn’t want to be get surrounded by media, doesn’t want to give official statements justifying his actions and doesn’t want to get compared to his obedient big brother. While the first three episodes are breezy and refreshing. The second half delves deeper into the intricacy and severity of accepting oneself amidst chaotic life.  

I felt towards the end, the show slowed down a bit. But it soon makes an interesting comeback with another tragic incident. It is beautiful how the plot ends with the same lines as it started, though both the scenarios are different. The prince is told, “Being a prince is not punishment, it’s a privilege.”

Young Royals Review


It’s the most genuine casting for teen movie. Some of other series cast 25+ actor to play teenagers. Here even if the people are in 20s, they are perfectly moulded into teens. They look teenagers!


The characters are written with utmost precision. Even subtle actions that the character performs says a thousand words. One of the characters, Sara doesn’t come from an elite background but she wants to somehow fit in group. In one scene she asks her mother to sit properly at the dining table. She tries to replicate her peers. The addition for this attribute tells us how well researched the characters are.

Young Royals Review


The immediate comparison I can think is the Spanish drama Elite. I feel Young Royals is a milder version of Elite. Young Royals is light-hearted, feel good show with no murder. Elite in that sense is intense. But the themes of self-acceptance, insecurity, class divide and secrets is the same.

Should you watch it?

Even if Netflix doesn’t renew the show for a second season, the first season has a conclusive end. So, if you wish to watch a show with an elite boarding school, relatable characters and a royal queer love story. The show is for you!

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