Fear Street 1666 (Part 3) Review: A conclusive end to this queer slasher trilogy.

Fear Street 1666 Review


Genre : Horror

Director : Leigh Janiak

Platform : Netflix

Fear Street 1666 delves deeper into the story of Sarah Fier and the scenario which lead to the curse. We trace back to 1666 where life was much easier and people lived-in close-knit societies. Also, these people had a conservative mindset and any deviation from the normal was considered to be ‘wicked’ as stated by one of the characters.

The movie is more unsettling and darker than the other parts. Here the slasher element takes a back seat for the first half. But later on, we do see the killers coming back.

Fear Street 1666 Review

Being the last, it has revelations and plot twists. Some of them are obvious, other are pretty surprising. I like the drama induced in one of the revelations which is complimented by great lines, tensed music score and flashback sequences.

The characters in this part are an erratically built up. Martin, whom we met in Part 1, joins the gang to save Sam. While we knew he is somehow going to fit in the plot, he brings no emotions. He isn’t comical or impactful. The older Ziggy also feels shallow. Ziggy is meant to be a rebel (as we saw in Part 2) but here she shows no attribute of younger Ziggy. I wished her character was more evolved, but she takes a back seat.

Fear Street 1666 Review

In conclusion, the movie is exhilarating and disturbing. First half does feel stagnant, but I’m not complaining because I was interested in the story of Sarah Fier. Just a recommendation, don’t watch this after having a meal. I did have a meal and after watching some sequences I felt like vomiting.