Fear Street (Part 2) 1978 Review: A strong comeback with the unsettling summer camp.

Fear Street 1978 review


Genre : Thriller; Horror

Director : Leigh Janiak

Platform : Netflix

Yes, this is what I expected from Fear Street!

If you haven’t already watched the Fear Street 1994, I recommend you to watch it. Here is its review. This review may have minor spoilers from the previous part.

After the witch possess Sam in Part 1, Deena and Josh approach C Berman for help and for a possible solution. C Berman then takes us back to the events at the Camp Nightwing in 1978 when a serial killer murdered a bunch of kids.

Fear Street 1978 review

The summer camp called Camp Nightwing is an ideal place for a slasher movie to take place in. In the Part 1, the characters kept running from hospital to school to grocery store. Setting the movie at a single eerie place, that is, the summer camp makes the movie less exhausting and interesting (unlike the Part 1).

The movie gives us more detailed accounts about the story of Sarah Fier, the witch who is possessing the serial killers. The story of the witch and the discoveries made at the camp definitely makes the atmosphere unsettling and dark. The characters venture into the dark forests, caves and mysterious hut giving enough space for building up the tension.

Fear Street 1978 review

It almost takes 40 minutes for the action to begin, but its worth the wait. Once the killer is out on the loose, the whole camp becomes a dangerous place to be in. All the campers are at different places and the chances of getting killed is soaring. In Fear Street 1994, Deena’s friends were the only people I felt bad for when they were killed. But here, most of the kills are tragic.

Cindy (C Berman) and her sister, Ziggy (played by Sadie Sink) provides more dept to the plot. Cindy is an obedient girl who is saving money for her college tuition and importantly uses no cuss words. On the other hand, Ziggy is the pessimist and is constantly bullied. Be it the contrasting characters, be it the tension between them. This scenario works well for the story.

Obviously, this part has a better story, more gore and kills. The rivalry between the Shadysiders and the Sunnyvalers continues in this part too. The end of the Camp Nightwing story is intense and leaves you with a heavy heart. I hope the last part will provide a strong conclusive end to this trilogy.

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