6 weird movies to watch right now!

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There are good films and bad films. There are underrated films and overrated films. Some are blockbuster hit while some are flops. Moreover, some movies we watch a hundred times and other just once. Amidst these categorisations, we left one category behind. Yes, weird films.

Some films are just weird. My list includes six films which have odd stories and peculiar scenarios. The following films do evoke a strange feeling as well.

1) The Lie

This movie gives us tremendous amount of anxiety. The Lie is about a separated couple who reunite to save their daughter from a murder allegation. The parents go to extreme limits to get away with the murder. Moreover, the last 5 minutes make you speechless due to a shocking revelation.

Why weird?

The reason why this movie is in this list is that it gives us a tremendous level of anxiety. It is dark and tragic. This isn’t a light-hearted mystery like Knives Out. Do check out my review for details.

2) Annihilation

A group of researchers enter a mysterious area with mutating properties.

Why weird?

It is a Sci-Fi movie with strange vibes. Towards the end it does becomes supernatural, surreal and magical at the same time. It is truly weird!

3) The Shape of Water

A lady who works in a factory gets acquainted with a secretive water creature. Subsequently, they both fall in love and fight against the evil.

Why weird?

The movie is weird because I can’t handle this unusual romance. For me a friendship would suffice, but romance is just not acceptable. Also, it had got 13 Oscar nomination with 4 wins which is questionable.

4) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

As the name suggests it is a fantasy movie revolving around a set of peculiar kids. When a boy named Jake arrives at this home, he meets all these children but also help them fight with their enemies.

Why weird?

The kids in this movie are very strange. Though it is a movie for kids, certain characters felt a bit scary.

5) Fight club

It’s a 1999 movie about a depressed man suffering from insomnia. He befriends a soap salesman and together they open a fight club.

Why weird?

Firstly, I highly disliked this movie. It was dark, dingy and unsanitary in terms of the setting. For the whole 2 hours 19 minutes I kept waiting for the movie to pick up, but it never did. My viewing experience was disappointing as I had more expectations from it looking at the reviews on IMDb, Rotten tomatoes and Google.

6) The Platform

It is a Spanish horror movie about a prison where people go voluntarily, that too after giving an interview. The prisoners get food through an elevator and the lower the level a person is, the lesser food they’ll get. 

Why weird?

I was just 30 minutes into this movie and I couldn’t watch anymore. Though the message portrayed in the movie is harsh, impactful and clear, I couldn’t keep up with the gore. Even the setting is sinister and dark.

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