Best Stalker Movies: From Obsessive babysitters to dangerous Serial Killers

Statistics says, “Nearly 1 in 3 women and about 1 in 6 men are stalked at some point during their lifetimes.”

With the advent of social media, stalking has become even more prevalent.

So, it makes sense why the stalking and obsession movies make up for a scary watch. Because it does happen in real life.

The following are some of my top picks in the category which makes up for a brutal stalker movie.

1. Disturbia

Disturbia is a mystery-thriller you should not miss out on.

The premise is: Kale, a teenager, is under house arrest. It is a win-win situation for him because now he can do whatever he wants to. Soon, out of boredom he picks up a hobby – stalking his neighbours. Subsequently, he witnesses an incident which makes him doubt that maybe his neighbour is a serial killer.

2. Alone

What could be scarier than going on a road trip alone and having an encounter with a stalker?

Jessica, the protagonist, is moving towns. On the way to her destination, the road is full of wilderness and that’s when her instincts tell her that something is wrong, someone is stalking her.

3. The Gift

The Gift is a psychological take on obsession with themes of revenge and bullying.

It is about Simon and Robyn who run into their school friend Gordo at a supermarket. While this meeting lasts for a few minutes, it isn’t the last time they meet Gordo. Gordo starts visiting their home frequently and sends them expensive gifts. There is scene in the movie where the wife can’t fathom if she really saw Gordo or she is hallucinating.

4. Searching

We can trace anyone on social media. So why not a missing person. You’ll only need a little experience with stalking, isn’t it?

Searching is a story about a father who is in search for his missing daughter. He files police complain, but doesn’t get any leads from there. As time is running out, he starts searching for the whereabouts of her daughter on her laptop and social media. This entire movie majorly takes place through iPhone and mac book screen.

5. Orphan

Sometimes kids become the intimidating villains. And this is where the Orphan tops the list.

It is a story about an orphan getting adopted in a family of four. As soon as this innocent girl become a part of the family, the whole dynamics of the family changes leading to a bloody end.

6. The Hand that rocked the cradle

It is a classic obsession movie which will make you scream at the top of your voice.

The antagonist in this movie is a babysitter who becomes obsessed with the family she’s currently working with. She does whatever she can to become a part of this family. She’ll lie, she’ll conspire and she’ll kill.

Here, this movie list comes to an end.

If I am to choose my favourite obsession and stalker movie from the list, it would be Disturbia and Searching.

And I know this is not an exhaustive list, and there would be many other movies I haven’t seen. So, do comment below and let me know about any obsession movie you are obsessed with 🙂

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