7 Movie facts that every curious Horror movie fan should know.

Horror Movie facts

With terrific horror movies, there comes some interesting horror movie facts.

So, I have created a list of horror movie facts which I think you might like. From the original Nightmare on Elm Street to the Quiet Place, here are some horror movie facts that every curious fan should know:

1. In the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy had a screen time of only 7 minutes.

Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on elm street

Freddy was given a small screen presence despite being the main antagonist. The creators of the movie wanted Freddy to look scarier and dangerous. And this could only be done by bringing him less on the screen and making him look mysterious and unknown.

2. The house where You’re next was shot was vacant for nearly 12 years.

You're Next

The antique mansion where You’re Next was shot is located in the Columbia, Missouri. This house was built in 1927.

It took four weeks to shoot and the daily shooting schedule started at 7pm in the evening which got over by 7 in the morning.

3. The Reason why Pennywise attacks children…


Children are an easy prey. But this is not the sole reason why he goes behind children. Pennywise often likes to create illusions filled with fears of their prey. Pennywise creates a situation which feels so realistic. Thus, it is easy for IT to create illusions of basic fears that children have than to create illusions for more complex and internalized fears for adults.

4. The original script of A Quiet Place had only one sentence of spoken dialogue.

A quiet Place

Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, the co-writers of A Quiet place included only one sentence of spoken dialogue. After John came onto this project, he made changes in the script and added more dialogues. Thus, the revision included 25 lines of spoken dialogues.

5. Hush has a references to Midnight Mass.


Do you remember the scene where Maddie’s neighbour returns the book to her? That very book’s blurb features the term ‘Midnight Mass’. Not only that, the location, protagonist and the church, all are mentioned in there.

Also, it couldn’t be a coincident that the director of Hush, Mike Flanagan, eventually adapted Midnight Mass into a Netflix limited series.

6. John Krasinski played the monster in A Quiet Place.

A Quiet Place

The final design of the CGI monsters in A Quiet Place wasn’t finalized until the very end. So, at the time of editing (even during shooting), people on set couldn’t contain their laughter watching John is a green costume. A lot of audience tests were conducted to make the monsters scarier.

7. Freddy Krueger name was inspired from a real-life bully’s name.

Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on elm street

When Wes Craven was 11 years old, he was bullied by a Fred Krueger. This name stuck with Craven and when it came to name the deadly villain of Nightmare on Elm Street, he couldn’t come with a better name. Though, he changed Fred to Freddy.

So, these were some of my favourite horror movie facts.

I know that you are a big horror fan. Do tell me in the comment section about some interesting horror movie facts that you know. I would love to know 🙂

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