The Wilds Season 2 Review: An overambitious season, which initially doesn’t click but eventually comes back on track.

The Wilds Season 2

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Genre : Survival Drama

Director : Multiple Directors

Platform : Amazon Prime

The Wilds Season 2 takes a detour from its original Season-1-character-heavy screenplay to a multiple storylines format. The initial episodes of this season look messy, superficial and repetitive unlike its previous part. But as soon as we hit episode 4 the events are surprisingly captivating and there onwards the characters start to make sense. And finally, we enter into The Wilds we know.

The Wilds Season 2

The characters in this season are a lot. We are dealing with around 16 protagonists. In the previous season we got around the stories of the 8 girls who are stranded on the island. Every girl has their own heart-breaking and profound story. We continuously see the comparisons between the lives of the girls before and after they got stranded. Both before and after being harsh for them.

The Wilds Season 2

This season we meet our new group, Twilight of Adam, consisting of 8 teenage boys. Similar to the girls they face the plane crash and then swim to the island. They are a diverse group with diverse set of stories. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see much around their lives. Precisely, we see stories of just 3 boys which is too low for The Wilds standard.

The Wilds Season 2

I vividly remember watching The Wilds for the first time and watching the stories of these girls. Every story was so uniquely written. Based on what the character did on the island, we judged their lives back home. I judged Shelby as someone who would have a princess-like life. But, oh boy, my guess was nowhere nearby. And this is what impressed me about The Wilds.

The Wilds Season 2

In one of the interviews the producer and the writer said that the viewers will constantly compare the group of boys to that of the girls. While the boys are supposed to be a disaster, the scenes of boys turn out emotionless and feel repetitive.  

Despite having lesser screen space, the girls do outshine the boys. Maybe because we know them better or maybe we want them to expose Gretchen’s experiment asap.

The Wilds Season 2

Coming to the soundtrack, the show starts with Taylor Swift’s ‘Epiphany’. In the middle, there is a dance sequence featuring Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Cut to the Feeling’. But still the soundtrack is underwhelming.

One of the episodes in Season 1 starts with Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starship’ and we see a girl jumping on a trampoline. The girl is having a great time but suddenly her leg slips, she falls and she ends up breaking her leg. This 20 second scene was such a perfectly shocking start. We don’t see such sequences in Season 2.

The Wilds Season 2

After Episode 4 everything changes for the good. The clumsy editing becomes less clumsy. The boys make a good comeback and the wildfire-like multiple storylines are now coherently put together.

The best part is we do get some answers in this season. Why did Dot meet Gretchen? Why is Shelby bald now? Is Martha Alive?

This Season’s ending concludes some storylines. And the cliff hanger definitely leaves us in shock and excitement. Overall, The Wilds Season 2 has too much on its plate. Multiple stories, multiple characters. They can’t be justified in such short span. But, after the initial turbulence, it does get better.

Parents Guide

The Wilds is an 18+ TV show due to some mature themes, severe profanity and a few implicit sex scenes. Check out the detailed parents guide here.

Cursing: It has severe amount of swearing.

Violence: For major part, there are no graphic violent scenes. There is one scene where we see a carcass of an animal and human.

Nudity: There are 2-3 sex scenes with partial nudity.

The Wilds Season 2 Quotes

“Why am I not getting stronger?….All I do is lift shit.”


Isn’t acceptance just another word for fucking giving up?


“I mean, I don’t even like trees.

People think that they are peaceful and spiritual. But you know what I call them?

Fucking old.


“I am an evil genius. And that’s my diabolical plot, to be nice to people.”


“So its like an actual circus up in here now?”


This is my fragile, beautiful, important child.”

“And I do not give up on my children.”


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