5 Netflix shows similar to The Wilds you need to watch right now!

The Wilds Season 1

The Wilds turned out to be a shockingly different series from what I expected. I expected a survival story where these teenage girls would have conflicts and clashes between them. More like the Lord of Flies as people are suggesting. But The Wilds turned out to be character centric with crackling dialogues and a social research twist.

So, if you have completed bingeing all the ten episodes, I recommend you to watch the following shows which may not necessarily have a survival element. But these TV shows do match with the vibes of The Wilds.

1) Dead to Me

Jen’s husband was killed in a hit and run case. She is suffering from emotional trauma and joins a support group. There she meets Judy, who is suffering from her own problems. Both go on a wild and heartfelt journey to find the culprit who killed Jen’s husband.

Genre: Drama; Comedy

What is similar to The Wilds?

The stories of these two ladies are heart-breaking. They are under a lot of stress, anxiety and misery. The show involves heavy topics like death, but at the same time it is humorous and entertaining. 

2) Unbelievable

It is a documentary about the 2008–2011 Washington and Colorado serial rape cases. Though it is hard to watch, it is moving and impactful.

Genre: Documentary

What is similar to The Wilds?

Here, we follow various female perspectives. One of the victims is played by Kaitlyn Dever (Marie). Her story revolving around the crime and foster parents is poignant. Moreover, we get some amazing performances by Toni Collette and Merritt Wever, who play the detectives.

3) The Society

The Society revolves around high school students who are going for a school trip. Due to a storm, they have to return back. When they come home, they are shocked to find the disappearances of their parents.

Genre: Drama; Mystery

What is similar to The Wilds?

In the Wilds we were curious about the involvement of this research organisation. Similarly, in The Society, the mystery of the town keeps us captivated as the teenagers fight for survival.

4) The Mist 2017

The Mist is about a town which is suddenly covered with a thick mist. Soon, people start to die as there is something sinister in the mist. We follow different character plots who are stuck at Mall, Hospital and Church. 

Genre: Horror

What is similar to The Wilds?

In this show, the Mall and Church symbolize an island. People can’t get out of these enclosed spaces, because if they will, the mysterious mist will kill them. We also witness several conflicting situations in the mall and how the people form a system of governance. Though I would say that the show doesn’t have well-written characters as compared to The Wilds, the story is engaging. It has horror elements which will be ingrained in your minds for a longer duration of time.

5) Elite

When three scholarship students enter an elite school, it leads to new friendships, rivalries and a murder.

Genre: Drama; Mystery

What is similar to The Wilds?

In The Wilds we got to know about the clear purpose of the research with every new episode. Similarly, in Elite, the killer, the victim and the events that led to the murder are revealed in an interview format. Every episode showcases the back stories of a couple of characters.

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