Photocopier Review: An engrossing Indonesian mystery

Photocopier (2021)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre : Mystery

Director : Wregas Bhanuteja

Platform : Netflix

Photocopier, an Indonesian mystery, absorbs our attention from its first act. The mystery aspect takes time to build, and at times switches off. It’s the authenticity of the characters and context that makes the movie relentless.

The movie revolves around an Indonesian first-year college student, Suryani. Accidently her photos from a party leak which puts her scholarship at stake. Suryani tries to uncover the person who posted her photos. Subsequently, this leads her to unearth a bigger problem.

This movie reminds me of Searching (2018), where a significant part of the screenplay is consumed by the Mac book, iPhone and iPad screens. In Photocopier too, Suryani uses technology to connect the dots and seek out information. Meanwhile, the photocopier machine never loses its relevance.

Photocopier (2021)

The movie never underestimates its audience by keeping things unexplained or misrepresenting any aspect of technology. Moreover, the characters are sensible enough to know when their phones are getting hacked.

Not only the characters are clever, they are – real. In our day-to-day life we’ve seen these people in our classes or in our neighbourhood. These characters are arrogant, untrustworthy and like everybody else are consumed by their own ambitions.

Photocopier (2021)

In one scene, when Suryani goes to her Drama group and enquires them about the posted picture on Instagram. They are unconcerned and busy. They bluntly waive her off, as if it’s none of their business.  With such characters, a tensed environment is already formed leaving no space for gimmicks, as used by other mediocre mysteries.

Photocopier is an engrossing film from the start to finish. The genuine representation of the characters along with the apt usage of technology makes the movie a must watch.

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