Underrated New Foreign Horror movies to watch in 2022

Foreign Horror Movies

Are you claiming that you have seen most of the Stephen King adaptations? The Shining, Misery, IT. And after re-watching Scream, The Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween, you wish to check out lesser-known horror movies.

Foreign horror movies could be a good way to get fresh scary content.

Ever since its release in 2016, Train to Busan has been gaining popularity among the public. Not only is it an action-packed moving South Korean film, this zombie movie is again one of the finest horror flicks of the 21st century.

That being said, many of the horror movies don’t receive a global recognition but are still worth a view. Thus, I have curated a list of 6 scary Foreign language movies. Along with chills and jump scares, these films throw light on a few societal issues prevalent in our world.

1) The Platform (2019)

The Platform is a dark and disturbing Spanish film.

The plot: Goreng enters a vertical prison called ‘The Hole’, operating under mysterious circumstances. The only clear feature is that the prisoners obtain food from a vertical lift-like platform. This means the people in the upper units satiate their hunger with all available the food while the individuals below simply starve to death.

The dull blue aura, gore and brutality, make it intolerable to watch. Within 30 minutes, you feel like shutting your eyes. But through this violence, the director sheds light on the unfairness present in our capitalistic society.

In the director’s words, “The hole is a reflection of our society, it couldn’t hide the violence. The movie shows how we rip each other apart.”

2) Stree (2018)

It was after 11 years (after ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’), Bollywood brought the horror-comedy genre back.

Public and critics both loved Stree for its feminist message, along with crackling dialogues and well-built suspense.

The plot: Residents of Chanderi (a village in India) stay in continual fear of a ‘chudail’ (a spirit) as she attacks men during night. A group of friends untangle the mystery of the spirit when one of them is possessed by her.

3) #Alive (2020)

People who are longing for ‘Train to Busan’ content are in for a treat with #Alive.

Instead of a train, this Korean zombie movie is set in a flat. The protagonist, Joon-woo, watches the city turn into a nightmare through his balcony when a zombie apocalypse upsurges. The awful reality and chaos make him stay in his apartment.

But will he be safe here? Will someone come to rescue him? Are there any survivors left? The film answers these questions with mild humour and delightful power-packed action sequences.

4) Bulbbul (2020)

Bulbbul is a Indian horror Netflix original movie.

Bulbbul is set in the 1880s Bengal, encapsulating the vibrant culture with visually appealing frames. It has been reported as a powerfully feminist movie with charismatic performances.

The narrative revolves around a girl named Bulbbul, who is wed to an older man. After some years her childhood companion, Satya, returns from London. Satya witnesses that not only Bulbbul, but the entire village has changed. He investigates the crimes that start taking place in the village.

5) Animales Humaoes (2020)

Animales Humanos is a Spanish horror home invasion film where neighbours turn up to the protagonist’s home wearing animal masks.

It is not just a sheer slasher movie with gory sequences. Here, the creators aim to kindle pure fear with the support of horrifying dialogues, shaky cameras and monochromatic settings.

In one occurrence, the neighbour describes what all procedures a pig goes through in a slaughterhouse. Like the protagonists, we aren’t able to handle the grim words and bleak reality. At points Animales Humaos loses its grip but overall, it is an impressive film with a miserable ending.

6) Game Over (2019)

Game Over is a 2019 psychological horror Indian movie which was simultaneously shot in Tamil and Telugu. The film opens with the most horrendous sequence, creating an ominous vibe for the plot.

It stars Taapsee Pannu who plays Swapna, a game designer. Swapana has post-traumatic stress disorder and lives in a secluded place. She must deal with her trauma and insecurity in order to fight back with a serial killer.

As Taapsee says, “Game Over is about fighting your inner demons all by yourself as no one is going to help you. Life won’t let you go without a fight.”

With this, this foreign horror movie list ends. But wait, if you want more horror movie recommendations, below are some exciting movie lists. Do check them out: