7 Non Bloody Horror Movies for people who hate gore.

Don't Breathe

Enough of Scream and Halloween?

Never (I mean, who asks this question).

Pardon me. I know, technically these movies might come in your ‘All-time favourites list”.

But for a change, today you wish to watch something different, per say not slasher, per say not bloody horror.

Then in this list you may find some good horror recommendations which are non-bloody and non-gory.

This list starts with…….

1. The Conjuring

The Conjuring

The conjuring, which most of the horror fans would have watched at least once by now.

If you have watched this, good for you.

But if not, then this blog post is a reminder you should.

To give you the story:

The conjuring is about a family moving into a house. Soon, they feel the presence of an evil entity. To fight it, they consult demonologists – Ed and Lorraine Warren – who help them resolve this supernatural entity.

As the story suggests, it is a possession/supernatural movie. No bloody at all!

2. The Ring

The Ring

This movie is unsettling to watch.

The Ring is a remake of a Ringu, a Japanese film. And this is such an atmospheric movie that will give chills, especially if watch it at night.

It is about a cursed video tape. Anyone who watches it dies within 24 hours.

Our main character eventually finds this tape and watches it. She must find a way to stop the demon (which literally comes out of the television!) to save herself from getting killed.

The movie is so dark and the colours used in the movie are green and black. Overall, theses aspects make the movie a nightmare watch.

3. The Final Girls

The Final Girls 2015

The Final Girls is a parody to the 80s slasher.

Did I say slasher?

Did I break my promise to recommend you a non-bloody horror?

No. Not at all.

The Final Girls is a funny and light hearted slasher. It is about a group of teenagers getting transported to into a slasher movie.

At first, they are feels they are just in the movie and nothing will happen to them. But when one of the teens gets killed, they hurry up to find a way out of this slasher movie.

To know more about this, you can read my reaction to the The Final Girls here.

4. Don’t Breathe

Don't Breathe

Do Home invasion movies interest you?

Don’t breathe is a home invasion horror-thriller revolving around three thieves.

The three thieves enter a blind man’s house to loot him. But their plan doesn’t go as planned.

They get stuck in the house with the blind man turning against them.

It has ample of suspenseful sequences. Ample of jump scares.

And a big revelation in the middle.

I love this movie and I know you will too.

If you aren’t convinced, read the Reasons Why Don’t Breathe is one of the best horror-thrillers till date.

5. A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place Part 2

A Quiet Place has become a very famous horror franchise in recent times.

It is about unpleasant-looking alien creatures who are sensitive to sound.

Whenever someone makes a sound, they kill them.

Thus, post-apocalypse, people have to live in the new normal, that is, without making sound.

A Quiet Place has an interesting concept which will keep you hooked for the entire one and half hours.

6. The Perfection

The Perfection Netflix

The Perfection is a wild ride.

I would recommend you to go into it without knowing anything.

But just to give you a context, here’s the story:

It is about two celloist who are invited as judges in a competition. While both have studied from the same institute, one of them is a very famous celloist and the other’s career never took off.

Soon jealousy arises and….

The aftermath you’ll have to see.

While movie has very less blood-related scenes, it does have body horror.

The ‘bug’ scene (you’ll know after watching it) in this movie was so intense that it made me so uneasy and eventually gave me a headache.

And did I forget to mention, it is full of twists.

To know more about the movie, you can read my The Perfection Review.

7. Annihilation


I watched Annihilation years ago, and one word to describe it would be:


Yes, the movie was so strange, but suspenseful the same time.

It revolves around Leena who is a soldier turned into a biologist. She along with a group of biologist venture into Area X.

The Area X is covered by a mysterious and mutating phenomenon. The plants, trees and animals have mutated into dangerous creatures.

And as the Area X is expanding, this group of biologists need a way to stop Area X from spreading -which soon might take the whole world under it.

If you are wishing to watching something very different, something sci-fi, this one is for you.

With this I come to an end of my recommendations.

Tell me in the comments section below, which movie are you going to watch.

Do recommend me some of your favorite non-bloody horror movies as well.

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