6 Atmospheric Not scary Halloween movies for adults

Run 2020 Netflix

I don’t like nightmares.

True, who does?

But on Halloween it becomes a mandatory thing to watch a scary horror movie. And surely, these movies give us nightmares.

So, this time if you don’t want to watch a scary Halloween movie. You want to keep the movie night less intense and want a good movie to watch, then I have got you covered.

I have come up with a list of 6 movies which aren’t necessarily Halloween themed. But they have little bit of everything – suspense, mystery, thriller, dark vibes. These will make up for a perfect non-scary Halloween viewing.

So, here’s the list:

1. Mother/Android (2021)

Mother Android 2021

What is it about?

Mother Android is a sci-fi apocalypse movie where robots and androids take over the world.

In the story we follow a couple who are expecting a baby. The mother tells her partner that she isn’t ready and is not sure if she even wants to be with him. Unfortunately, the apocalypse occurs right after their discussion.

And we witness how this couple survives and protects their child.

Why watch on Halloween?

The movie has major Terminator vibes.

Here, the robots and androids look very dangerous. Though, they are the main threat, the humans in this movie are equally untrustworthy.

If in a mood for a Sci-fi thriller with a bittersweet end, this movie is for you.


2. Parasite


What is it about?

Parasite is an Oscar winning movie with one hell of a plot twist.

Without giving much away, it is a story about two families, one poor and another rich. Somehow all the members of the poor family start to work in the rich family’s home. Soon, the events take a deadly turn.

Why watch on Halloween?

This movie is thought provoking and visually appealing.

Though being a drama-thriller, it never makes you lose interest.

If you are a fan of Korean films, you would know how good these movies are. And you should not miss this one!


3. The Invisible Man (2020)

The Invisible Man (2020)

What is it about?

The Invisible Man is inspired from the book, but the story here is a bit different:

Cecilia lives in a big mansion and is married to a billion-dollar company owner.

While everything looks good from far, Cecilia is struggling.

She eventually takes a drastic step, and plans to run away from her husband.

But the husband won’t let her go, he turns himself invisible and takes revenge from her.

Why watch on Halloween?

That feeling where you can feel someone’s presence near you (when no one is around) is unsettling.

The Invisible Man makes this fear real for us.

The movie doesn’t have jump scares and is more oriented towards psychological part. What if someone is watching you, without you knowing?

It is an ideal watch for Halloween due to its eerie ‘Invisible Man’ concept.


4. Run (2020)

Run 2020

What is it about?

Run is about a handicapped daughter and a mother living on the outskirt of a gloomy town.

While everything is going fine, the daughter starts questioning her mother.

Is her mother onto something? Is her mother lying to her about something?

She is yet to find the deepest and darkest secrets about her.

Why watch on Halloween?

This mystery movie has gloomy winter and small-town vibes.

While at some points it is slow paced, the movie never loses its grip. Also, the end sequence will make you shriek!

In addition to this, the performance by Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen is exceptional.


5. Identity (2003)

Identity 2003

What is it about?

Woah, here comes my favourite. The premise is as follows:

Identity is a movie where a group of strangers get stranded in a motel. It is raining heavy so no one can get out of the motel.

Soon people start getting murdered one by one.

The protagonists must solve the mystery and save themselves before it’s too late.

Why watch on Halloween?

If you like whodunnit mystery thrillers, I highly recommend this.

Watch Identity for the spooky, rain soaked and mysterious atmosphere.

Though, this movie has a plot twist and you should be looking forward to it. The suspense building is perfect in this movie. Also, the pace of the movie is fast and taut.

All of this makes it a Halloween worthy movie.


6. Oxygen (2021)

Oxygen Netflix 2021

What is it about?

Oxygen is a French movie about a woman waking up is a chamber.

She doesn’t recall anything and doesn’t know how to get out of it.

But there a catch – The chamber has an AI assistant who caters to all her needs.

Thus, the woman needs to find a way out with the help of the AI assistant before the oxygen in the chamber runs out.

Why watch on Halloween?

If you are scared of closed spaces, this would be a perfect mood setter for Halloween.

No one can predict where the story is going, and the plot-twists are surprising.

Oxygen needs to be added to your watchlist for sure!


With this we come to an end of this list.

Do comment below and tell me which are your all time favourite Halloween movies.

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