Most anxiety inducing movies you will never want to watch again

Joey King in The Lie

There are some points in our life where we just feel blank.

By blank I mean being lost and being in a mental space from where you can’t get out.

Believe me I have been there. And I have, most of the time, looked forward to watching a movie that makes me feel better or at least makes me feel something (even the saddest of the emotions).

So here are some of my recommendations on sad, dark and depressing movies.

The movies in this list revolve around murder, death and getting away from the present realities. The characters in these movies are struggling, sad and maybe not having the best days in their life.

Without wasting any moment, here are my top recommendations:

1. Blow the Man Down (2019)

Blow the Man Down

It’s a story about grieving to the death of a loved one and moving on from that. And, it has major theme of getting away with murder.

As exciting ‘getting away with murder’ theme sounds, it is as anxiety inducing as it could be. This movie shows exactly how it feels to be in that position.

In Blow the Man Down, we follow two sisters who are arranging a funeral for their mother. They live in a small town, so everyone knows their mother. The two sisters have polar opposite personalities. The elder one is responsible and the younger one is pretty aggressive who just wants to move from this small town.

And one night, one of them commits a murder.

Sea, snow, small town gossip with a shocking gory scene, Blow the Man down offers us a visual treat.

There is a particular scene where the elder sister is called to identify a dead body. She’s shaken to the core and can’t think of anything. She just wishes that the police wouldn’t catch them.

Blow the Man Down Trailer:

2. The Farewell (2019)

The Farewell

This is the movie you should watch when you want to cry.

Here, we follow Billi (played by Awkwafina) who is an immigrant and lives in New York. The sudden news of her Grandmother being diagnosed with cancer makes the entire family visit China. The thing is they can’t tell her Grandma the truth, so they arrange a fake-ish marriage and find a reason to visit her.

It is bittersweet.

While the festivities of marriage makes us happy, the slightest reminder that their Grandma won’t be alive breaks us. Even the characters in the movie are on the verge of crying.

This story also highlights how it feels to be an immigrant. Billi wants to live in China because she likes her Grandma and her culture. The scene where she looks at the apartments where she used to live as a child, breaks our hearts. 

The Farewell Trailer:

3. Calibre (2018)

Calibre 2018

A hunting vacation to the countryside doesn’t always need to be a pleasant experience. 

At least this is the theme on which many thrillers and horrors are based.

So, Calibre is about two friends who go on a hunting vacation. Soon, an accident happens which makes these two men question their morals. Every step they take after the accident is nerve wracking.

At one point, the situation in the movie is so tense that we are on the edge of our seat, unable to breathe.

I must say this was the toughest watch out of all the movies present in the list.

Trigger warning: Probably it is the most depressing and anxiety-inducing movie I have ever watched. Something I won’t re-watch ever. So, please keep this in mind before streaming it.

Calibre Trailer:

4. The Lie (2018)

The Lie 2019

Joey King (From The Conjuring and The Kissing Booth) plays the main lead here. Here, her character is completely bizarre.  

The Lie talks about how it feels when your parents are divorced, how a hint of jealousy can lead to catastrophic results.

It is yet again a getting away with murder movie. But here, we see the parents’ perspective. Joey King’s parents go to extreme lengths to save her from getting accused of a muder.

There is a scene in the end (not a spoiler) where mother, father and Joey King are having breakfast. The sun rays are entering through the window, the parents are so exhausted that they can’t even eat, and Joey King is pretending as if it’s all going to be fine. I never hated a character more!

The Lie Trailer:

So here the list comes to an end. While all the movies are worth a watch, people with weak hearts may skip ‘Calibre’ (unless you want to enter the extreme anxiety zone).

Do comment below the most depressing movie you have watched. Would love to know your recommendations.

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