Elite Season 4 Review: A transitionary season with a mystery we might not care about.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Creators : Carlos Montero; Darío Madrona.

Platform : Netflix

It took me forever to start with Elite’s Season 4. Since it is one of my favourite series, I should have watched it much earlier. But the exit of my favourite characters, the story’s resolution (in Season 3) and the underwhelming short stories (released after Season 3) made me delay this.

Elite shows the extravagant lives of Spain’s rich high school kids. It showcases lavish parties, exquisite dresses, steamy scenes, hidden secrets and gives light on class divide and inclusivity discussions. Yet one thing that makes all of the above coherent is its overarching mystery. Who killed whom?

Elite 4 forgets its main binder, the mystery, and focuses mainly on introducing the new characters and their interactions with the old ones. It is underwhelming how we are left with no mystery to solve until the very end.

Another thing is like about the previous seasons (which is again left out in Season 4) is the format. Every episode starts with an interview where a character justifies why they didn’t kill the person. Consequently, we see why the same character is the most likely suspect. The absence of this storytelling element made me question this season’s whole intention.

Still, the new characters’ stories kept the season moving. Ari, one of the characters introduced this season, has a decent character arc. Though at parts, it is evident that the writers forcefully want to mold her into a two-faced character (like Lu or Ester).

Overall, this season’s flaws affect the experience, making it an unnecessary watch.


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