7 Suspense movies with a twist that will blow your mind

Get Out

“Sigh. There will never be another fun and twisted movie like Knives Out.”

I disagree.

While many film fans consider Knives Out their all-time-favourite and the best whodunnit filled with suspense and jokes. There still are movies out there with equal amounts of twists, turns and tension.

But I get it. You do not want to waste time watching mediocre suspense movies with just ‘meh’ twists.

For a suspense movie to work wonders, it should have a shocking plot twist, the story itself needs to be captivating and the movie can’t skip out on good characters.

Now, you may ask: Isn’t it hard to find such movies?

No it isn’t.

Below is a list of 7 best suspense movies with a twist. No they aren’t Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train or Parasite. The movies in this list are in thriller/mystery genres with some of them leaning into horror. There are also two movies (in top 3) from India.

Note: I highly suggest you watch all of them. Because all of them are really good!

7. Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Murder on the Orient Express

The Plot is…

Hercule Poirot – the world’s greatest detective – is travelling through Europe on a lavish train called ‘Orient Express’. On their way, an avalanche occurs which blocks the tracks of the train. And as the name of the movie suggests a murder happens around the same time. Thus, the detective needs to interrogate all passengers before the killer murders anyone else.

Why watch this?

The movie has a number of characters, which means more interrogation, more clues and more suspects. For me, it was tough to crack the mystery and I was unable to guess the killer in the end.

The movie is set in a train surrounded by snow capped mountains. This set-up feels exquisite yet engrossing. If you are looking for a mystery to take place in a different setting (a secluded surrounding), this you will like.

So keep your hot chocolate and biscuits ready for this perfect cozy mystery.

6. Get Out (2017)

Get Out

The Plot is…

Chris’ girlfriend invites him to stay a weekend at her parents home. At first there seems a discomfort among the parents which might be linked to their daughter’s interracial relationship. As the weekend progresses, Chris experiences some incidents which make him realize that his girlfriend’s parents are not what they look like.

Why watch this?

Get Out is a movie where the main character is constantly questioning himself that there might be something wrong with the place, but he can’t figure out the wrongness.

If you are into movies with a good atmosphere, strange characters and psychological horror, Get Out offers the exact same.

Though I need to tell you, the movie takes its time to build up. But the end is action packed and full of twists such that your heart will start to race.

5. Identity (2003)


The Plot is…

Due to a storm in the Nevada desert, ten people take shelter in an isolated motel. Soon, the guests start getting killed off one-by-one. The ones left take the responsibility of finding the killer before it’s too late.

Why watch this?

The atmosphere in this movie is five stars. For the whole night when the killer is on the loose, it keeps on raining and thundering. The deserted motel itself looks scary.

And obviously the twist in the movie is on point. From the beginning to the end the movie keeps you hooked ( and when a movie keep us hooked for the entirety, you know how good it would be).

4. Orphan (2009), Orphan 2 (2022)


The Plot is…

After the death of their unborn baby, a couple adopts a girl named Esther. Though Ester looks innocent, she constantly indulges into manipulating the family members. Will the parents find out the reality behind this evil girl?

Why watch this?

I can’t say this enough but Orphan has one of the best plot twists. And if you haven’t watched it you need to.

When a new member enters our family, it is always a tough task for us to adjust. Imagine if the new member turns out to be an evil person, running after the lives of the family members. As we watch the movie we definitely form intense hatred for Ester.

Another thing, the second part of the movie (which released in 2022, a decade after the first movie) is equally filled with twists. I may be in a minority to say this but overall, I like the second part more than the first part.

We can definitely have a discussion about which part is better (Do comment after watching the movies). But anyway, both movies have great plot twists.

3. Andhadhun (2018)


The Plot is…

Akash is a piano player who pretends to be a visually impaired person. Soon, he witnesses a murder and thereafter his life is suddenly filled with police, problems and people running after his life.

Why watch this?

Andhadhun is a Bollywood movie which keeps you guessing for the entire time. The movie is more than what the plot suggests and you need to experience it first hand.

It is one of my all time favourites.

Also, it has great antagonists – untrustworthy and evil. These antagonists lie, deceit and conspire to make everything in their favour.

2. Searching (2018)


The Plot is…

David Kim’s 16 year old daughter doesn’t turn up at home after her group study session. With the police getting no leads, he takes the investigation in his hands and starts to search for clues on his daughter’s laptop.

Why watch this?

Among all the movies in the list, Searching stands out in one aspect. The movie is a found footage kind of thriller directed with the help of iphone, Mac book, Facebook and other social media.

It is one of a kind movie where the final act of the movie gives you a punch in your gut.

It has been made by Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian who have also made Run featuring Sarah Paulson. If you liked Run, then you will like this a lot more.

1. Drishyam (2015)


The Plot is…

It is a get-away-with-murder Bollywood movie where a family kills a police officer’s son.

Why watch this?

Have you ever watched a movie where you become so impatient that you need to know the truth right at the moment? But the movie teases you and makes you wait to tell the climax. Drishyam is that kind of movie.

Audiences and critics waste the phrase ‘edge on the seat’ for every other film. But this movie really deserves to be called an edge of a seat thriller.

From the first act, the Drishyam is so compelling that you might want to put all your distractions aside. So entertaining, so dramatic and filled with revenge. I love this movie!

In the end, I recommend you to watch all the above movies. Every movie is so unique and for sure worth watching. These aren’t mediocre watches but one of the best ones I have ever seen. So, do add them to your watchlists asap.

Comment down below your favourite suspense movie with shocking plot twists, I would love to see your recommendations.

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