37 Best Movies to watch with Parents

The Farewell

I know it is a lot of trouble finding and researching a movie to watch with your parents. Also, you don’t want to settle for a mediocre movie. To save your time, I have curated a list of 39 movies worth watching on a movie night with your parents.

Most importantly, these movies don’t have explicit nude scenes. They might have mild kissing scenes or mature themes. So, do check the IMDb guide link (added after every movie) to check if you would be comfortable with the violence, usage of curse words or substance consumption scenes.

Lastly, there is something stored for everyone as the list contains a mix of genres from thriller, horror to drama, romance and science fiction. I hope you find a new favourite movie here!

Fast paced & Action packed

Train to Busan

Train to Busan is a Korean zombie movie. It has clever yet tragic action sequences which will make you sit at the edge of your seat. Moreover, every single character in this movie is beautifully constructed. These characters add a lot of emotions into this story, which lacks in majority of action movies.

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As Florida is struck by a hurricane, Haley drives to her father’s house to check on him. Soon, she realises that her father is missing and there might be a crocodile hidden in her basement. The disastrous floods and crocodiles keep you captivated from the beginning to end!

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Again, a Korean movie and again my favourite! Forgotten is a psychological thriller which feels like a thriller novel has come to life. The twists in the movie would not have been possible without such an exceptional direction. Though my parents couldn’t cope up with the twists, I absolutely loved this mind-bending movie!

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Forgotten 2017

A Quiet Place

My parents adored this noise-sensitive-alien horror blockbuster. If you haven’t already, please arrange ‘A Quiet Place’ movie night asap.

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Alone is a cat-mouse chase movie where a woman is being stalked by a stranger. It is action packed and has a tense screenplay.

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Alone 2020 thriller


Inception has a very complex plot. To that extend that, I watched this movie a couple of years ago and now I am completely blank about what happened in the end. Next time, I am planning to watch it with my parents.

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The Shallows

A survival movie where we see a surfer against a shark.

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Impactful watch

The Lie

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say this movie uses every opportunity to increase your anxiety. The Lie is revolving around parents who are covering up for a murder committed by their daughter. The end leaves you speechless and in utter distress.

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Hidden Figures

Three African-American women struggle with the discrimination they face at workplace in 1960s. It’s a story about how these ladies overcome this friction to prove their worth in a male dominated career.

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The Farewell

The Farewell touches our hearts with the theme of our loved ones gradually dying. It is a culmination of nostalgia, family reunion and comic scenarios. The main character also portrays the uncertainty she feels in a foreign country and the disconnect she has with her family and culture. The Farewell is worth watching and will leave you in tears!

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Scary and Gory


Us delivers an eerie and suspenseful screenplay. Though I have mixed feeling about the end, I would recommend this if you are a horror, particularly slasher fan.

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This one is my favourite! My parents also loved it. The movie is set in a secluded cottage in woods. The main lead is a mystery-thriller author with hearing impairment. We get chills when we see a killer entering her cottage without her knowledge.

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The Strangers: Prey At Night

This is sequel to the 2008 ‘The Strangers’. After 10 years the sequel came and many people questioned its existence. I don’t. ‘The Strangers: Prey at Night’ is so much better than the 2008 one. It is intense such that the end credits make you jump out of your seat.

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Ready or Not

The night of her wedding, a woman is invited to play a game with her in-laws. Soon the game turns deadly and she must herself from her in-laws. The movie does take the horror to another level!

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Game Over

It is a Bollywood slasher movie featuring the talented Taapsee Pannu. It’s a bit different than conventional slashers with perfectly gory slasher scenes.

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The Silence

If you aren’t able to get enough of ‘The Quiet Place’, this movie is the one you should look out for. Its not as great as ‘The Quiet Place’ but it has some fresh and different elements.

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It is a fun, hilarious and immersing Korean zombie movie!

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Light and Breezy

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

People are comparing it to ‘Palm Springs’ released in 2020. Whether you have or haven’t watched ‘Palm Spring’, I can assure you that you can watch The Map of Tiny Perfect Things with your parents. The movie gives a perfect summer vibe with hints of nostalgia. Moreover, its playlist is my favourite.

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Feel the Beat

In some aspect it is a cliché dance competition movie. But who doesn’t love a feel good, uplifting and light hearted romance.  

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You’ve Got A Mail

The movie showcases a blossoming romance in the era of mail. If you are tired of social media and dating apps, it will be a refreshing and riveting watch.

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Monte Carlo

I have watched this movie numerous, numerous amounts of time. If you like movies taking place in Paris involving royalty, friends and an adventurous trip, this movie is for you. Moreover, it features Selena Gomez in not only one, but a double role.

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Confessions of a Shopaholic

Are you a shopaholic? Has your shopping led to a big mountain of debt? I don’t know about you but, Rebecca Bloomwood is a shopaholic and has a lot of debt. Ironically Rebecca works as a finance columnist! The movie is romantic, comic, light, breezy and a go to watch for people who LOVE shopping.

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The Princess Switch

Never say no for a Christmas movie with a role switch between a queen and a baker who look the same.

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Enola Homes

Sherlock Holmes and Stranger Things fans have a treat here! Milli Bobby Brown play the role of Enola Holmes, the sister of Sherlock Holms in this mystery. It also has themes of women getting stereotypes and women empowerment. Moreover, the cast includes Henry Cavil, Helena Carter and Sam Claflin.

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The Parent Trap

Twins Hallie and Annie, who we separated in their childhood meet in a summer camp. These twins subsequently try to reconnect their parents.

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Slow Burn with a shocking twist

10 Cloverfield lane

After an accident, Michelle finds herself locked inside a room. The stranger – who locks her – tells that he saving her from the disastrous outside world. While the stranger is courteous, Michelle realises that she can’t trust him.  

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Run comes from the creators of one of my favourite movies, Searching. Run has eerie cinematography, captivating plot and the amazing Sarah Paulson. It has a big revelation towards the end and the end credits makes you smile for no reason.

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Crooked House

Crooked house is an Agatha Christie book adaptation and has similar vibes to ‘Knives Out’. Though it is less colourful and has uninteresting characters, it could be watched just to witness more family politics. Its end is what I’ll like to call bitter-sweet.

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Fractured takes place inside a strange and sinister hospital. Even throughout the movie, the weather is gloomy and cold. The movie constantly questions the main character’s perspective and at some point we also fall into the trap.

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47 Meters Down

47 Meters Down is another shark survival movie in the list. The movie is not as action packed as The Shallows or Crawl. But, it is able to deliver a surprising twist towards the end.

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Only thing you need to know about this movie is that it is about a woman stuck inside a cryogenic cell. Any more information may tend to ruin your experience. To get more insight you can read my review here.

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Edge of seat mystery


It is a movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat until the last sequence. The movie is about a family living in Goa. Their life is upturned when a boy turns up at their home blackmailing their daughter.

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Margot goes missing. Soon, her father David try to trace her path through the social media and internet. A significant part of the movie takes place on a laptop/mobile screen, which is so different and unique. Moreover, its surprising end makes it one of the best mystery thrillers.

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Murder on the Orient Express

Yet another Agatha Christie adaptation in the list, Murder on the Orient Express is an interesting mystery that takes place in the middle of snow-capped mountains.

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On a rainy night, a group of people assemble at a motel. One by one the visitors get murdered. No one knows who is the killer but they are certain that the killer is sitting among them. My parents really liked the stormy setting of this thriller.

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It is a remake of the Spanish thriller ‘The Invisible Guest’. Badla is terrifically twisted, gripping thriller. It features big Bollywood names like Taapsee Pannu, Amitabh Bachchan and Amrita Singh.

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Intruders is about an agoraphobic woman who hasn’t left her house from years. When some strangers turn up in her house, she becomes helpless as she can’t escape. I have not seen many people talk about this movie, but it is intriguing watch.

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Do let me know, in the comments, which are the best/worst movies you watched with your parents.

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