The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Review: A Groundhog day Romance

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things


Genre : Rom-Com; Fantasy

Director : Ian Samuels

Platform : Amazon Prime Video

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things involves a groundhog day where Mark, a 17 year old is stuck in a time loop. Soon, he realises Margaret is also stuck, and lives the exact same day again and again. Mark befriends Margaret and together they go a journey to find the perfect things that the groundhog day offers them.

The cinematography along with the soundtrack of the movie sets a beautiful tone for the story. A Rom-Com having summer vibes and feelings of nostalgia is a perfect blend.

Both the characters have lived the same day many times and thus they know what will happen at what time. This scenario is shown throughout the movie. The scenes are clever and a delight to watch. In one particular fascinating scene, Mark and Margaret are walking in the middle of the road, absorbed in their conversation. Suddenly, in seconds, they separate only to make way for a skateboarder because they know he will pass.  

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The movie gives us a message to seize the moment, to move on from our past and to appreciate tiny perfect things around us. But we have become so self-indulgent and mechanical, that we don’t do any of these things. Mark says to Margaret, “Except us everyone is dreaming.” Maybe we are dreaming.

The elements which doesn’t support the story are the screenplay and underdeveloped side characters. As we progress with the story, the lack of a crisp screenplay becomes evident. Talking about the characters, one of the most uninteresting character is that of Mark’s friend, Henry. Though friends in movies and shows tend to add an extra bit of emotion and humour, here it is not the case. Henry is just bland.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Amidst this, our protagonists do a great job in hiding the flaws of the movie. Moreover, they radiate a lovely chemistry. I didn’t recognise Kathryn (playing Margaret) as the girl from Detective Pikachu or The Society. Her character is completely different from her previous works. Not only from her appearance, acting wise too, she does justice to her role. Kyle Allen as Mark is brilliant.

Overall, the movie provides us with feel-good moments, emotional ending, an adorable scene with a tortoise crossing the road and some nostalgia. But sometimes it does make us restless due to its dull screenplay and bland side characters.

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