Dash & Lily Review : The series is a cheerful and heart-warming Christmas tale with a dare diary twist

Dash and Lily Netflix


Genre: Christmas; Rom-com

Director : Fred Savage;  Brad Silberling

Platform : Netflix

Dash, a loyal friend who doesn’t believe in fate and magic, feels Christmas as the most detestable time of the year. On the opposite end is Lily, a self-conscious person, who likes stitching her own dress and feels Christmas as the greatest time of the year. For both of them, the Christmas is doing no good, until they start talking to each other with a red diary. Conversation eventually turns into a series of dares.

Dash and Lily Netflix

In the series, the spirit of Christmas has be encapsulated with success. You see the crowds hustling through the streets and shops, green-red-yellow lights with Christmas trees, people falling in love and children playing with snow. Complementing this are the merry and joyous songs which will make sure you fall in love with Christmas, even if you are like Dash.

Yet, there is another reason to fall in love with it. The characters. Dash, played by Austin Abrams, who you may know from ‘Paper towns’ and ‘Alex Strangelove’ and Lily played by Midori Francis are both brilliant! The other characters feel so real and human( even if sometimes they are dramatic, who isn’t?), that you get so much invested in the story of these people.

Dash and Lily Netflix

Be it the brother-sister bond or best friends bond, these relationships shown are so pure and innocent. And when these relations break your heart literally aches. At a point you will start predicting the story, but wait, that isn’t the case. The story has enough twists and reveals that will be like a punch in your stomach.

If you a looking for a binge worthy, light-hearted story with lovely characters and …..a Christmas experience, I highly recommend it.