The Girl on the Train Review : Built on the ramshackle screenplay, editing and acting, the movie is unmoving.

The Girl on the Train Netflix


Genre : Thriller

Director : Ribhu Dasgupta

Platform : Netflix

Mira suffers from amnesia where she constantly forgets her past. When investigation officers charge her with the murder of Nusrat, she must recall the night when Nusrat was murdered? Did she kill her or is she forgetting something?

Throughout the movie, you don’t get connected to any of the characters. This is the reason why you feel nothing when any of the characters are depressed or hurt. Mira’s character suffers a considerable amount of pain. But her excessive drinking and sobbing seem artificial and fake. Even good actors like Avinash Tiwary, Aditi Rao Hydari and Kriti Kulhari don’t give a significant impact on the story.

The Girl on the Train Netflix

The drama in the movie is overdone. Mira narrates her journey as to how she travels on the train and the connection she feels with Nusrat. The narration is just repetitive, lacks emotions and conciseness. Even the investigation officers’ conversations are comprised of exaggerated dialogues. In one scene the junior officer is presenting the pieces of evidence. After showing the useless evidence that leads to nothing, he comes up with the most important evidence that directly points out a suspect. My question is why the officer is acting foolish and not presenting the most crucial clue first? 

I had a really tough time moving along with the unsynchronised soundtracks. The songs drastically reduced the level of suspense as they came up untimely. The songs didn’t even match the screenplay and failed to create the effect which it was aiming for. I am not against Bollywood thrillers having Bollywood numbers but this movie didn’t require much of them. Ayushman Khurana starrer Andhadhun being a fully thrilling experience, successfully embedded its songs. Moreover, most of the songs in Andhadhun are at the beginning of the movie which gives space for the thrills in the next half of the movie. 

The Girl on the Train Netflix

In the first half, the editors used headings to inform us where and when the incident is taking place. But it would have been better if the dates had been used in the dialogues and screenplay itself. Initially they used ‘Six months after’ and ‘One year after’ and then they start using headings like ’Ten days before Nusrat goes missing’. The editors should have stuck to a single and coherent style of telling the story.

The suspense in the movie does build up but with the constant interference of Punjabi songs and Parineeti’s sobs and alcohol intakes. The climax does keep you at the edge of the seat, while it is not the most effectively executed one. What you can look forward to in this movie is the end, which is different from the original one.

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