#Alive Review: #Alive is a funny, character driven Zombie movie with a fresh setting

#Alive Movie Netflix


Genre : Zombie Drama; Horror

Director : II Cho

Platform : Netflix

After Train to Busan(2016), Korean Zombie apocalyptic movies have become my favourite. In #Alive the difference is that the protagonist is stuck in his apartment instead of train. Played by Yoo Ah-in, the protagonist is a video game influencer who is just like every other millennial. He feels lazy to go to grocery shopping( which he later regrets) and listens to songs to release his stress. We could not less resonate with the protagonist while we are stuck in our homes during this pandemic.

The movie wastes not a second to introduce the deadly zombie infection and gets straight to the story. The only tit-bits about the infection are shown through television and social media which is quite clever.

#Alive feels more alive and real than the other zombie movies. Though it doesn’t give much of thrills, some of the sequences still keep you anxious and they are worth the wait. Moreover, the movie is horror-drama not thriller which justifies the lower action sequence.

#Alive Movie Netflix

What did make Train to Busan one of the best zombie movies is the diverse characters it had. From old grandma to pregnant woman to teenagers to a kid, it had it all. In #Alive we witness fewer characters, which, in a way constraints the plot. But #Alive is full of is emotions. The protagonist’s genuine expressions makes you smile. Even the chemistry between the leads is adorable.

Watch #Alive for a light hearted apocalyptic scenario with genuine emotions.


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