Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 Review: A mishandled sequel

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Genre : Horror

Director : David Blue Garcia

Platform : Netflix

Texas Chainsaw massacre is not meant for the faint-hearted. It has killing sequences which might make you look away from the screen and urge you to mute your laptop. While it succeeds in the gore factor, it stumbles and it isn’t able to handle the other crucial elements of the story.

It is about a group of influencers who visit this cursed town of Harlow. Ever since 1974, it has become a ghost town. In order to revive Harlow, this young group plans to set up a restaurant. However, they get involved with Leatherface, the killer known from 1974.

“Its him, isn’t it? Leatherface.”

Frankly speaking, this is the first time I have ventured into this movie series. This movie series itself has a long history since 1974. In total it has around 9 reboots and sequels spreading over five decades. This 2022 edition is an immediate sequel to 1974 which also features the final girl.

Olwen Fouéré played the character (Sally) 48 years ago and now she comes back to take revenge from Leatherface. It is a big deal, a big deal to bring an old character back. Sadly, her whole story line doesn’t bring any excitement. Let alone nostalgia, the comeback doesn’t even make you feel any emotion. As a first-time watcher, I felt disappointed. So, I can’t imagine the reaction of fans following this series for decades now.

“Don’t run. If you run, he will never stop haunting you.”

Also, the other characters fail to bring anything to the table. The only one that glimmers is Lila. Lila is played by Elsie Fisher, the star from ‘Eight Grade’. As a character, her backstory feels relevant to the plot. But it is not as effectively portrayed on screen.

Now, let’s talk about the violence in the movie. The first killing is unexpected and cruel. And this escalates to ten folds as we proceed into the movie. In a scene, literally blood flows on to the floor. Whenever chainsaw revs, it’s a reminder to be alert and prepare yourself to fight with the big-human-face-masked guy.  

Leatherface is intimidating. His presence feels wrong and his human mask sums up to what extent he can go. The surroundings compliment him. The old dusty house, dark empty corridors contrast well with the yellow Texas summer sun.

In conclusion, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not a remarkable entry in the slasher genre. Though I strongly agree it will make you uncomfortable for the entire 81 minutes.

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